Out 9 May

‘Wondrous, elegant and haunting, Lost to the Sea is a fascinating alternative history of the fractured, flooded and eroded edges of Britain and Ireland’
Philip Hoare

‘An immersive and lyrically personal journey through deep-time and modern tides’
Raynor Winn

Inspired by growing up on eroding cliffs, Lisa goes in search of traces of lands lost to the sea and shifting sands. From submerged forests and Iron Age huts to drowned medieval churches and a fishing village lost in a storm, she explores places where mythology and reality meet at the very edges of Britain and Ireland.

‘A haunting evocation of vanishing places. Meticulously researched… and a timely reminder of the transience of our coasts’
Philip Marsden

‘Beautifully written and researched . . . I was immediately tempted to head out in search of lost lands’
Wyl Menmuir

‘Hugely enjoyable… a charming mosaic of history, myth and imagination’
Sara Wheeler

Royal Society of Literature Giles St Aubyn Award for Non-fiction

Absorbing . . . Woollett has a gift for bringing to life the strange borderlands of the foreshore’

‘Beautifully descriptive… intertwines the stories of the river’s history with that of her family, like a muddy journey through time. A really important book’
Raynor Winn

In a series of beachcombing and mudlarking walks, Rag and Bone traces a branch of Lisa’s family that included dustmen and scavengers. Heading downriver from the Thames in central London, she follows seven generation out to the estuary and eventually the sea. Through objects found on the shore, Lisa traces the story of our rubbish, and, through it, a history of consumption.

‘Spins narrative gold out of literal dross in this gorgeous story of our waterways’
Evening Standard

‘Lyrical and intriguing’
Literary Review

‘Poetic prose and brilliant stories’
Philip Hoare

British Book Design & Production Awards

‘The British coastline encapsulated in a treasure trove of a book’
The Guardian

‘No-one who has ever been awed by the sea, or struck by its beauty, will fail to be thrilled by Lisa Woollett’s wonderful Sea Journal’
Philip Marsden

Illustrated throughout with Lisa’s photographs, Sea Journal brings together a year’s wanderings along Britain’s shores with stories of their natural history, geology and evolution, from ancient myth to current science.

‘A charming book, with a beautifully poetic slant
BBC Wildlife Magazine

‘Perfectly captures the spirit of the most beautiful yet fragile wild space we have
Marine Conservation Society

Holyer an Gof Publishers’ Award

‘Quite simply the closest I have ever seen anyone come to describing the seashore in the way I feel the seashore.’
Sir Tim Smit, Eden Project

‘A wonderful book… a cabinet of curiosities’
BBC Coast’s Nick Crane

‘Everyone loved this book. It is delightful, imaginative, hugely informative and written with clarity, joy and enthusiasm. Beautifully constructed with striking photographs. A work of wonder.’
Holyer an Gof Publishers’ Awards

‘Beautifully written, illustrated and designed… Her passion shines from every page’
Western Morning News

Holyer an Gof Publishers’ Award
Best Children’s Book

Children’s beachcombing book, beautifully illustrated by the artist Sarah McCartney.

‘They might be 4 and 5, but they know quality when they see it’
Primary school teacher, Birmingham

‘Filled with facts to fascinate both the younger reader and their parents. Richly coloured, intricate paintings bring wonder to the clear and simple text, drawing the eye in to discover hidden details’
Cornish Times

‘A wonderful book… captivating to read and beautifully illustrated. I can see so many ways all of our classes could use it as part of their teaching and learning
Head teacher, Cornwall